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Tailored Payment Solutions for Your Contracting Needs

Streamlining payment processes while offering incentive programs to motivate and reward teams, ensuring project success.

Cash rewards & discounts


Physcial & digital payroll cards


International money transfers



payday early



savings purse


Discounted prescription drugs

Payroll Optimization

Replace costly and antiquated paychecks with a more modern and comprehensive approach to payroll. Fast, flexible and secure, dashPay payroll card programs improve efficiency, allow workers to receive wages quickly and electronically, and gives them more control over their financial well-being.

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How Dash Helps Employers

Offer your employees a more convenient way to access their pay, while adding efficiency and flexibility to your payroll process.


  • 100% electronic payroll

  • Easy-to-use admin portal

  • Flexible enrollment and issuance options

How Dash Helps Employees

Give your employees a best-in-class user experience by providing payroll cards and tools that help them build a better financial future.


  • Easy money management with mobile app

  • Real-time access to pay

  • Cashback rewards and discounts

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