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July 31, 2024 | 10:00 AM EST

Tailored Payment and Incentive Programs for Contractors

Hosted by BuilderComs & Dash Solutions

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What Will We Cover?

BuilderComs is excited to partner with Dash Solutions, the leading provider of payment solutions. This partnership brings busy professionals like YOU customized payment solutions and incentive programs for your team.

How to elevate team motivation with effective incentive programs.

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How to transform your contracting business through streamlined payments.

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Tailored Payment Solutions for Your Contracting Needs

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What is BuilderComs?

Jumping between emails, Dropbox, Google Drive, and spreadsheets is chaotic. BuilderComs was created to solve these communication challenges by streamlining projects and organizing documents.

  • Manage multiple projects

  • Communicate directly with your crew & customers

  • Send invoices, contracts, and images

  • Unlimited Users

What is Dash Solutions?

Dash Solutions enhances payroll efficiency and flexibility for employers while providing employees with tools for better financial management. Our comprehensive services ensure a seamless payroll experience for both employers and employees.

  • 100% electronic payroll

  • Flexible enrollment and issuance options

  • Payroll cards for employees

  • Real-time access to pay

  • Cashback rewards and discounts

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