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Becoming a Construction Champion: Balancing Priorities for Business Success

Unlocking the Key to Construction Excellence

In the dynamic world of construction, being a true "Construction Champion" requires a delicate balance of priorities. Ron Nussbaum, the host of the Construction Champions podcast, sits down with industry expert Nicole Glover to unpack the essential elements that define a construction champion.

Becoming a Construction Champion: Balancing Priorities for Business Success BuilderComs Image

The Three-Legged Stool of Success

Nicole emphasizes that a construction champion must focus on three equally important aspects: taking care of their customers, their team, and themselves. She likens this to a three-legged stool, where if any one leg is missing, the entire structure collapses.

"Champions do all of that well. It says there's a lot to unpack there. So, I mean, when you get a lot of key principles of what you have to do, Take care of yourself. Take care of your team. Take care of your customers."

Prioritizing Profit and Self-Care

Nicole advocates for the importance of prioritizing profit and self-care in the construction business. She recommends the book "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz, which emphasizes the need to plan for and allocate profit from the outset, rather than treating it as an afterthought.

"You're not giving yourself the leftover or what's left because then you have burnout, or you can't afford to take care of your customers. So, you build your company and your team and your whole system in a way that you're doing all 3 and really do it equally, but at the beginning, it's because you're taking care of your customers."

Authenticity and Avoiding the Trap of Copying

Nicole stresses the importance of authenticity in construction businesses, cautioning against the temptation to simply copy what competitors are doing. She emphasizes the need to be true to your own values, capabilities, and vision, rather than trying to "get away with" something that may not align with your core strengths.

"If you're not being authentic, then, you know, it's it just doesn't feel good. It doesn't look good. It comes across as cheesy or, you know, not transparent to your customers. So, you know, there's so much that we forget when we start trying to do business that sometimes the reason why we are flows because of who we are and what we do and what we bring to the table."

Leveraging Partnerships and Referrals

To avoid taking on work outside of their core competencies, Nicole suggests building a network of trusted partners and referrals. By creating a symbiotic ecosystem where businesses can refer work to one another, construction champions can focus on their strengths while delivering exceptional service to their clients.

"If you can find the right partners and, you know, sometimes you give them a referral, like, you get money off of that referral fee, and sometimes you just decide like, hey. They give me 3 jobs every month. Heck, yeah. I'm going to send them as much work as I possibly can. You know? Like, it's just it's very symbiotic."

Conclusion: Embracing the Construction Champion Mindset

Becoming a construction champion requires a holistic approach that prioritizes the needs of customers, employees, and the business owner themselves. By maintaining a balance, embracing authenticity, and leveraging strategic partnerships, construction professionals can unlock the path to sustained success and fulfillment in their industry.

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Becoming a Construction Champion: Balancing Priorities for Business Success


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