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Becoming a Construction Champion: Lessons from a Seasoned General Contractor

Unlocking the Secrets to Construction Excellence

In the dynamic world of construction, the title of "Construction Champion" is not easily earned. It requires a unique blend of expertise, resilience, and a relentless commitment to excellence. Ira, a seasoned general contractor with over 30 years of experience, shares his insights on what it takes to be a true construction champion.

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Building a Legacy in the Construction Industry

Ira's journey in the construction industry has been marked by a steadfast dedication to building a lasting legacy. As one of the founding members and partners at Mosaic Construction, he has witnessed the company's growth from a local design-build firm to a national general contractor with a diverse portfolio.

"Being a construction champion is about having those trades out there do an amazing work as their talent allows them to do and all the while, you know, meeting schedule communicating when there's a change order."

The Importance of Communication and Relationships

At the heart of Ira's approach to being a construction champion is the importance of communication and building strong relationships with trade partners. He emphasizes the need to treat these partners as true partners, not just subcontractors, and to help them grow and improve their own businesses.

"We're the ones that typically bring those to the trades. And so, if we have good processes in place, they learn things. If they weren't great communicators and we don't tolerate, bad communication because it gets in the way of the deficiency, then they either learn to be great communicators, which helps their business and or they don't."

Embracing Change and Continuous Improvement

Ira acknowledges that the construction industry is constantly evolving, and being a champion requires the ability to adapt and continuously improve. He shares the challenges of implementing new processes and systems, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and staying agile.

"The changes that, we can't force them to change. I mean, we have our own training and our own culture and our own sees and our own compliance around those processes. And so, our team performing at a high level, checking the box on all of the various preconstruction work or bidding work or accounting check checklist to make sure that, you know, we're collecting our monies and, you know, we're, we're observant."

Leveraging Technology and Industry Insights

Ira recognizes the value of embracing technology and staying informed about the latest industry trends and best practices. He highlights the importance of utilizing software and tools to streamline processes and foster collaboration, as well as actively seeking out information and learning from other successful construction companies.

"The access to information is awesome. But in the in the world of commercial construction and Chicago being a major market, there are there are amazing companies doing amazing things and, there's information out there that I can learn from, and I can go to that I don't think existed as well 10 years ago or 20 years ago or when I started, 30 plus years ago than there is today."

Conclusion: Aspiring to be a Construction Champion

Ira's insights highlight the multifaceted nature of being a construction champion. It's not just about delivering exceptional projects, but also about building lasting relationships, embracing change, and continuously improving. By following in the footsteps of seasoned professionals like Ira, aspiring construction champions can unlock the keys to success and leave a lasting legacy in the industry.

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Becoming a Construction Champion: Lessons from a Seasoned General Contractor


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