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Building a Champion Construction Business: The Key to Success

In the latest episode of the Construction Champions podcast, Ron Nusbaum interviews Tommy Cole, an industry expert with over 20 years of experience in the construction and landscape architecture sectors. Tommy shares insights into what it takes to succeed in the construction industry and emphasizes the importance of consistency, effective processes, and seamless collaboration between sales and operations.

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The Journey to Success in Construction Tommy's journey in construction began with odd jobs as a young individual, including working on a newspaper route, pouring concrete, and cleaning warehouses. His passion for the construction world led him to pursue a degree in landscape architecture. Subsequently, he gained extensive experience in landscape construction, design, and project management, working with various companies across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Transition to Business Coaching After years of hands-on experience in construction, Tommy now works for McFarland Stanford, a business coaching company tailored to the landscape industry. The company's focus lies in helping businesses build their financial success and operational efficiency, rather than providing technical advice on construction processes.

The Characteristics of a Construction Champion Tommy's extensive experience has led him to define the qualities of a construction champion. According to him, hard work and consistency are crucial components of success in the construction industry. He emphasizes the importance of persistence, learning, and continuous effort, highlighting that success in the construction business is a long-term endeavor.

The Three P's Framework Tommy introduces the concept of the "Three P's" as the foundation for success in the construction industry: - People: Acknowledging that people are the most critical asset in any business, Tommy emphasizes the need for a strong company culture, effective onboarding processes, and ongoing training and development for employees. - Process: Tommy advocates for the systematization of business operations to ensure that the company can function seamlessly, even in the absence of key individuals. This involves managing finances, optimizing operations, and streamlining sales to production handoffs. - Profits: While acknowledging that discussing finances can be challenging, Tommy stresses the importance of understanding the key drivers of profitability in construction businesses. He highlights the significance of tracking and measuring labor, materials, and subcontractors to ensure financial success.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Operations Tommy emphasizes the need for effective communication and collaboration between the sales and operations teams. He underscores the importance of a seamless handoff process, where sales and operations teams are aligned in their understanding of project requirements and client expectations. Additionally, he highlights the value of conducting debrief sessions at the end of projects to provide feedback to both sales and operations teams, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

The Role of Consistency in Success Consistency emerges as a recurring theme in Tommy's insights. He stresses the significance of showing up and putting in the necessary effort consistently, emphasizing that long-term success in the construction industry is built on daily, persistent actions and attention to detail.

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Building a Champion Construction Business: The Key to Success


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