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How-To Add Pictures and Videos with BuilderComs

In today's digital age, visuals play a crucial role in enhancing the appeal and effectiveness of any project. Whether you're working on a custom build, a renovation, or a new roof, adding relevant and high-quality images can significantly improve the overall customer experience and engagement with your team and customer. In this article, we'll explore a step-by-step guide on how to easily add pictures and videos to your projects on BuilderComs.

Accessing Your Project Dashboard

To begin, log into BuilderComs and navigate to your dashboard. Here, your go to current projects.

BuilderComs Dashboard Image

Select Project You Want to Add Pictures/Videos To

Select the specific project you'd like to add images to by clicking on the specific project.

BuilderComs Project Dashboard Image

Uploading Images

Once you're in the project details page, look for the "Edit" button, which is represented by a small icon. Click on this button to access the image upload functionality.

BuilderComs Project Details Image

You have two options to add images to your project:

  1. Drag and Drop: Simply drag and drop the desired image files directly into the project interface.

  2. Upload from System: Click on the "Upload from System" option to navigate to the location of your image files on your local device and select the ones you want to add.

BuilderComs Picture/Video Upload Image

Describing and Featuring Images

After uploading the images, you can provide a brief description for each one. This helps provide context and improves the overall organization of your project.

BuilderComs Picture Description Image

Set a specific image as the "Featured Image"

Additionally, you can set a specific image as the "Featured Image" by selecting the corresponding option. This will highlight the chosen image as the primary visual representation of your project.

BuilderComs Featured Image

Updating the Project

Once you've added and described the images, click the "Update" button to save the changes to your project. The newly added images will now be visible in the project details view.

Update Project Image

Accessing Images in Project Details

If you need to access the images again or add more in the future, simply navigate to the project details view and look for the same "Edit" button. This will allow you to manage the images associated with your project, including adding, removing, or updating them as needed.

BuilderComs Project overview Image

Seamless Integration with Mobile Devices

One of the convenient features of BuilderComs is the ability to directly upload images from your mobile device. If you're on the go and capture a relevant image, you can instantly add it to your project without the need to first save it to your device and then upload it.


Incorporating visuals into your projects is a surefire way to enhance your overall customer satisfaction. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily add and manage images and videos within BuilderComs, ensuring a polished and visually engaging final product. Remember, the key to successful image integration is to select high-quality, relevant, and well-described visuals that complement your project's content and objectives.

Watch The How-To Video Today!

How-To Add Pictures and Videos with BuilderComs

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