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Leading and Managing a Younger Staff Made Easy

Let's simplify it into four key strategies to help you excel!

Recognize It's Their First Time

It's easy to forget the nerves and uncertainties that come with starting a first job. Every interaction with a younger generation should be viewed through the lens of their unique experiences. When coaching or counseling them, consider that it might be their first encounter with such situations. Reflect on your past mistakes or early career moments and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Listen Instead of Dictate

Younger individuals have grown up being told what to do by parents and teachers. Approaching them with a "this is how it's going to be" attitude can create resistance. To establish rapport, take the time to listen and learn from both their experiences and your own. By showing genuine interest in their perspectives, you convey their importance.

Embrace Their Growth

It's common to worry that younger employees will treat the job as a mere steppingstone. However, supporting their development can actually foster loyalty. Encourage them to explore and pursue their passions within their careers. Not everyone will stay indefinitely, but by nurturing their growth, you increase the likelihood of them returning and becoming staunch advocates for your company.

Authenticity Is Key

Don't attempt to mimic the mindset or behaviors of an 18 or 23-year-old. Authenticity trumps trying to relate through artificial means. Be yourself, as your team will quickly detect any insincerity. Honesty and authenticity bridge gaps in understanding. It's vital to maintain genuine, unscripted conversations. Know who you are first before attempting to connect with others.

In the end, we're all driven by the same desire for success, regardless of age. Keep this in mind and draw upon your own career experiences and emotions to guide you in effectively leading and managing a younger staff.

Leading and Managing a Younger Staff Made Easy

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