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Leading the Construction Tech Revolution: Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2024

As we stand on the brink of 2024, the demand for construction technology has surged to unprecedented levels. The industry is poised for a transformative year, with technology playing a pivotal role. To provide you with an overview and a sneak peek into the forces reshaping construction, we've compiled a list of companies that are making significant strides and revolutionizing the field. While you'll recognize some established names, keep an eye out for the newcomers rapidly gaining ground. The momentum generated by these companies hints at the impending change that is set to reshape the construction landscape in 2024.

Here are the top 10 for 2024 in no particular order.

Procore: Procore has become synonymous with construction project management. Their cloud-based platform streamlines project communication, documentation, and collaboration, making it an indispensable tool for construction teams aiming for efficiency and productivity.

Autodesk: A stalwart in the construction tech arena, Autodesk continues to innovate with its cutting-edge software solutions. From Building Information Modeling (BIM) to cloud-based collaboration tools, Autodesk empowers construction professionals to design, plan, and build with precision and efficiency.

BuilderComs: How builders, contractors, and clients talk., BuilderComs is leading the way in communication for the construction industry. Customers often get mixed up and frustrated because messages are lost or missed, with BuilderComs, you can easily chat and share updates in one place, stopping problems and keeping everyone happy.

PlanGrid (a subsidiary of Autodesk): PlanGrid has gained acclaim for its field-centric construction software. By providing real-time access to blueprints, punch lists, and documents, it empowers field teams with the information they need to work efficiently and reduce errors.

Dozr: Revolutionizing equipment rental in construction. Their platform connects equipment owners with those in need, optimizing equipment utilization and reducing downtime.

‍Pixly: The easiest, fastest and best way to document jobs, projects, inspections and work for anything from general progress and observations to serious matters like issues, conflicts, delays and safety. Many general contractors and construction professionals use Pixly to document pre-conditions and issues to avoid disputes and litigation.

Jobber: Jobber provides business management software for field service companies, including those in construction. It offers tools for job scheduling, quoting, invoicing, and more, streamlining operations and improving customer service.

Brick & Mortar Ventures: As venture capital continues to flow into construction tech, Brick & Mortar Ventures stands out as a leading investor. They are catalyzing innovation by funding and supporting promising startups aiming to disrupt the construction industry.

Buildertrend: Buildertrend is a leading construction management software platform that provides solutions for project management, customer management, and financial management. It helps construction professionals streamline their operations, improve client relationships, and enhance financial control.

CompanyCam: CompanyCam provides visual documentation and communication tools for construction teams. It allows users to capture photos, annotate images, and share progress updates, improving project transparency and communication.

Leading the Construction Tech Revolution: Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2024

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