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Revolutionizing the Construction Industry: The Role of Designers in Transforming Spaces

The construction industry is in a constant state of evolution, and this transformation is often spearheaded by individuals and companies with a vision to change the way we perceive and use spaces. In a recent episode of the Construction Champions podcast, Ron Nussbaum had an insightful conversation with Blima Ehrentreu, the founder and CEO of The Designers Group. The discussion shed light on the crucial role of designers in revolutionizing the construction industry and transforming spaces with purpose.

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Understanding the Vision of The Designers Group Blima Ehrentreu, the driving force behind The Designers Group, shared her passion for creating spaces that truly enhance the lives of the people who use them. The company's motto, "designing with purpose, creating a better world," reflects their commitment to improving lives through thoughtful and purposeful design. The Designers Group is an interior design firm that operates across various industries, focusing on making a meaningful impact on people's lives through their innovative designs.

The Role of a Construction Champion

Blima Ehrentreu emphasized the essence of being a construction champion. She highlighted the importance of not only having a vision but also executing it effectively. According to her, a construction champion excels in bringing the best solutions to life and positively impacting the lives of those who inhabit the designed spaces.

Bridging the Gap: Vision and Execution

A key aspect of the conversation revolved around the challenge of bridging the gap between a client's vision and its practical execution. Blima Ehrentreu likened the role of a designer to that of a therapist, emphasizing the need to understand clients' unspoken desires and translate them into tangible design solutions. The emphasis on open communication and collaboration emerged as a guiding principle in ensuring that the client's vision aligns with the practical aspects of construction.

The Power of Open Communication Effective communication, both within the project team and with the clients, emerged as a critical success factor.

By establishing open and honest communication channels, potential roadblocks and surprises in construction projects can be minimized. This proactive approach ultimately leads to a smoother and more efficient project execution.

The Impact of Designers on Construction Projects 

Ron Nussbaum and Blima Ehrentreu delved into the pivotal role of designers in construction projects. They discussed how involving a designer from the project's inception can lead to significant time and cost savings, as all critical design decisions are made upfront. By proactively addressing design elements, such as color schemes, material selections, and spatial layouts, the construction process becomes more streamlined and efficient.

The Customer Experience Transformation

The conversation highlighted how integrating designers into construction projects can enhance the overall customer experience. By focusing on the holistic experience of the end users, designers can create spaces that engage all five senses, ultimately elevating the quality of interactions within those spaces.

Nationwide Influence and Connectivity 

The Designers Group operates across the US and Canada, with a strong presence in Toronto, New York, and Miami. Their nationwide reach underscores their commitment to revolutionizing the construction and design landscape on a broader scale.

Connecting with The Designers Group 

For construction professionals interested in connecting with The Designers Group, the company can be reached across multiple platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well as through their official website,

Embracing Change and Collaboration

The insightful conversation between Ron Nussbaum and Blima Ehrentreu shed light on the transformative impact of designers in the construction industry. By embracing change, fostering open communication, and collaborating effectively, construction professionals can elevate the quality of their projects and deliver exceptional experiences to their clients. In conclusion, the episode reinforced the pivotal role of designers in shaping the future of construction, encouraging construction champions to consider the transformative power of purposeful design in their projects. By embracing the principles of effective collaboration, open communication, and proactive design integration, construction professionals can embark on a journey of elevating the industry and creating spaces that truly make a difference.

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Revolutionizing the Construction Industry: The Role of Designers in Transforming Spaces


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