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The Art of Being a Construction Champion

In the latest episode of the Construction Champions podcast, host Ron Nussbaum engages in an invigorating conversation with rock star guest, Tom Bartholomew, a digital marketer for roofing companies. The discussion delves into the essence of being a construction champion, emphasizing the critical role of effective communication and customer-centric processes in the construction industry.

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Embracing the Construction Journey

Tom's journey into digital marketing for roofing companies stems from his early exposure to the construction world, working alongside his father who was a carpenter. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for his profound understanding of the industry.  Having obtained his builder's license at the age of 19, Tom's extensive 20-year experience in the construction sector has equipped him with invaluable insights into the nuances of the trade.  Transitioning from a successful construction career to digital marketing, Tom's pivotal role in integrating builder CRMs with roofing websites has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of the construction industry.

Unveiling the Construction Champion  

The conversation resonates with the fundamental attributes that define a construction champion. Tom emphasizes the significance of integrity and reliability, highlighting the pivotal role of fulfilling commitments and exceeding customer expectations.  Addressing the prevalent issue of missed calls and inadequate communication in the industry, the discussion underscores the need for contractors to prioritize responsiveness, setting a higher standard in customer interaction.  The narrative challenges the industry to elevate the bar, emphasizing the significance of embodying the golden rule - treating others as one would want to be treated. This principle underscores the essence of delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Revolutionizing Customer Interaction  

Tom's innovative approach to optimizing customer interactions reflects the evolving landscape of the construction industry. By harnessing digital tools and platforms, he advocates for streamlining customer engagement processes, from lead generation to contract finalization.  The conversation unveils the potential for automation in customer interactions, including digital signatures, financing approvals, and seamless scheduling, paving the way for a painless and efficient buying process for customers.  The visionary approach to customer engagement accentuates the significance of aligning business processes with customer needs, fostering a paradigm shift towards customer-centricity and operational efficiency.

The conversation concludes with an invitation to the Construction Champions mastermind group on Facebook, fostering a community of industry leaders and professionals dedicated to driving excellence and innovation in the construction domain.

In essence, the episode resonates with the transformative potential inherent in the construction industry, heralding a new era of customer-centricity, operational efficiency, and unwavering commitment to excellence. As the construction champions embark on this journey, the podcast serves as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, igniting the path towards a redefined future in construction. Remember, in the world of construction, being a champion goes beyond the materials and structures - it's about embodying integrity, embracing innovation, and revolutionizing the customer experience. So, let's build the future, one champion at a time.

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The Art of Being a Construction Champion


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