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Top 10 Construction Podcasts to Follow in 2024

Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and insights in the construction industry is crucial for professionals who wish to remain competitive and informed. Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for sharing knowledge and ideas, and they offer a convenient way to absorb information on the go. Here are the top 10 construction podcasts that you should consider following in 2024 to keep up with the dynamics of the industry.

Top 10 Construction Podcasts to Follow in 2024 BuilderComs Image

1. Construction Champions Podcast

Dive deep into the strategies, challenges, and success stories of the construction industry's leading figures with the Construction Champions Podcast. Our episodes inspire and equip professionals to excel and lead in their fields by bringing forth the insights and personal stories of construction champions.

2. The Construction Record

Stay on top of industry news, trends, and developments with The Construction Record. This podcast provides thoughtful analysis and discussion on everything affecting the construction sector today.

3. The ConTechCrew

For those interested in the intersection of construction and technology, The ConTechCrew podcast discusses innovations such as robotics, 3D printing, and AI, exploring how they're transforming the industry.

4. Mass Construction Show

Mass Construction Show covers detailed insights into real estate development, risk management, and the latest in construction technology, making it a must-listen for professionals who seek to broaden their industry knowledge.

5. The Construction Corner Podcast

Join diverse professionals from engineers to architects on The Construction Corner Podcast, where guests share their experiences and insights, offering listeners a rounded perspective on the construction world.

6. The Construction Life

The Construction Life offers listeners a daily peek into the professional routines and tips from seasoned industry veterans, making the complexities of construction projects more accessible and understandable.

7. Construction Junkie

Known for its rich content, Construction Junkie breaks down the latest news and interviews with industry experts, providing listeners with a steady stream of knowledgeable content.

8. The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

Ideal for construction business owners and contractors, this podcast focuses on leadership, business management, and the entrepreneurial journey within the construction industry. The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

9. Deep Green

Deep Green addresses the critical topic of sustainability in construction, discussing green building practices and innovations that are making the industry more environmentally friendly.

10. The Preconstruction Podcast

Focusing on the crucial preconstruction phase, this podcast offers invaluable insights for those involved in the planning and early execution stages of construction projects. The Preconstruction Podcast


Whether you’re driving to a job site or sitting down for a coffee break, tuning into these top construction podcasts can enhance your understanding of the industry and provide fresh perspectives on various challenges and innovations. By integrating these podcasts into your routine, you can ensure you're always learning and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving construction landscape.

Top 10 Construction Podcasts to Follow in 2024


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