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Uncover the Shocking Cost of Miscommunication in Construction

Hosted by BuilderComs, the leading construction software for communication and project management.

During This Free Webinar, You’ll Learn:

What the shocking monetary cost of miscommunication is.

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The profit & loss (P&L) domino effect in construction.

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Best practices to stop your business from loosing money.


Ron Nussbaum, CEO & Co-Founder of BuilderComs

Ron Nussbaum, Founder & CEO of BuilderComs, leverages his decade-plus of construction expertise to bridge the communication gap between homeowners and builders. BuilderComs strives to be the go-to software for seamless customer communication in the construction industry. BuilderComs’ innovative platform is transforming how builders and contractors communicate, collaborate, manage records, and ultimately, deliver exceptional projects.


Dan Murch, COO of Blue Collar Back Office

Dan Murch, Co-owner of Blue Collar Back Office, brings his extensive experience in small business management to the table. With a mission to streamline office operations for other companies, Dan and his team specialize in providing organizational support without the need for a full-time staff. From crafting proposals to ensuring timely payments, Blue Collar Back Office offers comprehensive assistance to alleviate the burdens of running a business solo.

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What is BuilderComs?

Jumping between emails, Dropbox, Google Drive, and spreadsheets is chaotic. BuilderComs was created to solve these communication challenges by streamlining projects and organizing documents.

  • Manage multiple projects

  • Communicate directly with your crew & customers

  • Send invoices, contracts, and images

  • Unlimited Users

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