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Top Start-Ups Came Together at IBS 2024

Nineteen companies with 19 innovative solutions came together in the Start-Up at the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Vegas, Feb 27 – 29. NAHB IBS Show chose the 19 most innovative companies expected to be the most transformative in the industry. If you didn’t get a chance to see the companies and their products and services, there’s still time to check out what they do and what they have to offer the industry.

Top Start-Ups Came Together at IBS 2024 Image BuilderComs

Here is the complete list of the 19 companies that are poised to change the construction industry forever. (in no particular order)

BuilderComs: BuilderComs simplifies communication in construction. Their platform helps contractors and builders work better with clients by organizing all communications, pictures and documents in one place by project for everyone to access.  Think of Slack and Dropbox having a baby for the construction industry.

ApisCor: Integrating advanced robotics and concrete 3D printing technology into the homebuilding sector with a clear mission to transform the construction landscape, empower home builders by providing innovative tools that significantly enhance productivity and efficiency, save money and ensure higher, more consistent construction quality while minimizing the dependency on a shrinking pool of skilled labor. 

BamCore: Bamboo and eucalyptus-based panelized structural framing assemblies designed to elevate productivity and installation speed, minimize labor and waste and amplify energy efficiency and durability.  

Building Buddy: A tool for general contractors to request, collect and track COIs, licenses and docs from subcontractors.  

BuilderPad: BuilderPad is a cloud-native application that streamlines project management, ensuring homes are built on-time and within budget. It empowers project managers with the tools to efficiently manage projects, selections and schedules directly from the field and gives homeowners a transparent view of the progress of their home.  

Builtzer, LLC: Builtzer is a digital system for consumer-to-homeowner management. From promoting new homeownership to providing the ultimate home-buying experience, Builtzer engages new home builders, realtors, lenders, partners and customers.  

canibuild: Site planning software that does all the hard work for builders so you can create site and build quotes in seconds instead of days.   

ConstructionClock: Transforms how construction companies manage their on-site teams with revolutionary hands-free time tracking and payroll. ConstructionClock fully automates labor time tracking and payroll by significantly improving accuracy of hours worked at each project.   

Cuby Technologies: Build better homes and communities by reshaping delivery processes. Cuby develops and operates turnkey, transportable factories (TTFaaS) that output easily assemblable components that can be connected together to create a structure, enabling a world efficient, precise, repeatable, dynamic and sustainable systems for the construction industry.  

DEN Smart Home: Where innovation meets security, DEN SmartStrike™ is the first wireless, communicating door strike — a disruptive innovation in access control – that installs easily and discreetly in the door frame.  

Indaago Data: Make targeted material selections for spec homes based on location and buyer demographics and ensure your design center has the materials and options buyers want and will pay a premium for with nationwide sales comps nationwide to determine what is selling homes in your target market.

Jobsite.Codes: The simple way for builders and designers to store, share, and update job site files with trade partners.  

RainStick Shower: An eco-friendly shower system that doubles water flow, connects to a smart home and uses up to 80% less water and energy.  

Renovate Robotics: An auto roof robot that creates safer roofing.   

Reviveaire LLC: A leading manufacturer and provider of advanced air filtration systems to safeguard indoor environments against airborne pathogens.

Roombldr: National supplier of specialty flooring, fitness, wellness and active recreation equipment specializing in residential new construction.   

Subtrak, Inc.: A process management solution built for specialty contractors with a software platform expertly designed to document and automate workflows and standard operating procedures (SOPs).   

TimberHP: Wood fiber insulation made in America. 

ZenHammer: The pocket office for subcontractors to handle the paperwork so you can focus on work.  

Do you know a company that should have been featured on this list? Let us know in the comments.

Top Start-Ups Came Together at IBS 2024


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