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Who We Are

Building Connections, One Message at a Time

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About BuilderComs & Its Founder

BuilderComs stands as a beacon of innovation in construction, guided by the visionary leadership of Ron Nussbaum. With a background encompassing Marine Corps service and extensive construction experience, Ron's dynamic expertise fuels transformative change.

His grasp of field operations, sales, leadership, and management informs BuilderComs' mission to revolutionize construction communication. As Founder and CEO, Ron propels the platform to become a leading customer communication software.


Complementing his role, Ron hosts the Construction Champions Podcast, where industry voices converge to discuss innovation and the future of construction.

Together, BuilderComs and Ron Nussbaum are synonymous with reshaping the industry's landscape, epitomizing visionary leadership that drives progress.

Excellence in Action

We're fueled by our relentless pursuit of progress, ensuring exceptional outcomes and exceeding expectations. With a dedication to delivering unmatched value, we're committed to making greatness a reality for everyone we touch.

Genuine Innovation

Embracing our unique identity, we cultivate transparency and authenticity, fostering a culture of creativity and cutting-edge thinking. We thrive on embracing fresh perspectives and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in every interaction and communication.

Elevating Standards

By challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries, we create a new era of construction excellence that surpasses mediocrity. Our commitment to questioning conventional norms drives us to find new ways to elevate the industry and redefine its potential.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

At BuilderComs, our mission is to reshape communication for builders and contractors, ushering in a new era of project excellence. We recognize the pivotal role effective communication plays in construction's success. Our goal is clear: provide builders and contractors with an empowering platform, streamlining communication processes and elevating collaboration.

By melding cutting-edge technology with industry know-how, we simplify workflows, trimming time, reducing errors, and enhancing project outcomes. We're resolute in delivering a user-friendly platform tailored to the construction industry's unique challenges.


Our vision reaches far: to empower builders and contractors worldwide, enriching productivity, efficiency, and profitability. As we revolutionize communication, we foster stronger partnerships, uplifting the construction experience for all.

Join us on this transformative journey, where BuilderComs pioneers a fresh construction communication era. Together, we'll empower builders and contractors to achieve greatness and revolutionize the industry.

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