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About Us

BuilderComs was designed by a veteran of the construction industry with one thing in mind: making the job of running your business easier. That’s why we’ve included everything you’ll need to sleep easier at night and provide your clients with an exceptional project experience.


With a background spanning Marine Corps service and extensive construction experience, Ron Nussbaum, CEO of BuilderComs, leverages dynamic expertise to drive transformative change in the construction industry. An industry that has taken longer to embrace the technical landscape.

His grasp of field operations, sales, leadership, and management informs BuilderComs' mission to revolutionize construction management. As Founder and CEO, Ron propels the platform to become a leading construction project management software.


Complementing his role, Ron hosts the Construction Champions Podcast, where industry voices converge to discuss innovation and the future of construction.

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Ron Nussbaum

CEO & Co-Founder

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Jared Yellin


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Tyler Matheny


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Mani Soundararajan


Our Mission

At BuilderComs, we're on a mission to revolutionize project management for builders and contractors. Recognizing the crucial role effective project management plays in construction's success, our goal is clear: provide builders and contractors with an empowering platform to streamline projects processes and elevate collaboration.


By combining cutting-edge technology with industry expertise, we simplify workflows, save time, reduce errors, and enhance project outcomes. Our vision extends globally, aiming to empower builders and contractors worldwide, boosting productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Join us on this transformative journey, where BuilderComs pioneers a fresh construction project management era, empowering builders and contractors to achieve greatness and revolutionize the industry.

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