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BuilderComs: Effortless Contractor Communications

Designed from the Ground
Up with Simplicity in Mind

BuilderComs was designed by a veteran of the construction industry with one thing in mind: making the job of running your business easier. That’s why we’ve included everything you’ll need to sleep easier at night and provide your clients with an exceptional project experience.

We Build Out of Experience.

No One Knows Contractor Headaches Like BuilderComs.

Headache - Meet Aspirin.

Navigating contractor challenges can feel like a puzzle without all the pieces. At BuilderComs, we're not just solving problems; we're the solution you've been searching for. With our intuitive platform, we're transforming headaches into streamlined solutions, making the complex world of contracting a lot more manageable.

BuilderComs: Effortless Contractor Communications

Project Notifications: Stay Informed, Instantly

Say hello to timely updates without the wait. BuilderComs' "Project Notifications" feature ensures you and your clients receive instant alerts for every project update. Whether it's a milestone achieved or a query answered, stay informed in real-time, enhancing collaboration and keeping progress at your fingertips. Welcome to a world where communication aligns with the speed of construction.

BuilderComs: Effortless Contractor Communications

Effortless Team Collaboration: Uniting Project Partners

BuilderComs: Effortless Contractor Communications

Collaboration lies at the heart of successful projects. With BuilderComs' "Effortless Team Collaboration," bring your entire project team under one virtual roof. Seamlessly share insights, updates, and documents, ensuring everyone is synchronized for maximum efficiency. Embrace a unified approach that fosters synergy among all project partners, from contractors to designers.

BuilderComs: Where Seamless Communication Builds Success

Unified Communications

Real-Time Picture and Document Sharing

Visual Progress Updates

Team Collaboration

Web & Mobile Contractor Portal

Real-Time Customer Support

Instant Project Notifications

Fully Integrated Services

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