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Hacks & Secrets from Construction Pro Ron Nussbaum

Elizaveta Taylor and I have a conversation that everyone in the construction industry should hear! It's full of tips and secrets to help you become the construction pro you want to be. This blog will cover some of the high level take aways from our quick 15-minute chat. I have attached the video below for you to watch.

Unlocking the Power of Effective Communication in the Construction Industry

In the ever-evolving world of construction, efficient communication has become a crucial factor in determining the success of a project. Ron Nussbaum, the founder of BuilderComs software and the host of the Construction Champions podcast, has dedicated his career to addressing the communication challenges that plague the industry.

Addressing the Communication Gap

Ron Nussbaum's journey began in the residential construction sector, where he experienced firsthand the detrimental impact of poor communication. As he scaled a residential construction company to over 100 employees and an 8-figure revenue, he realized that the industry's long-standing acceptance of subpar communication needed to be challenged.

"We're talking over 30 years ago, and we just let it be acceptable in construction, it's a construction project. It's okay to be bad communicators. I feel differently about it."

Inspired by this realization, Ron Nussbaum set out to develop a solution that would bridge the communication gap between construction professionals and their clients.

BuilderComs: The Communication Revolutionizer

BuilderComs, Ron Nussbaum's software company, offers a simple yet powerful solution to the industry's communication woes. By providing a centralized platform for all project-related documents, pictures, videos, and communication, BuilderComs aims to eliminate the "he said, she said" scenarios that often plague construction projects.

Key Features of BuilderComs

  • Centralized Communication: BuilderComs organizes all communication in one place, ensuring that everyone involved has access to the same information.

  • Streamlined Document Storage: The software facilitates seamless document storage and makes collaboration between all stake holders posable and easy, fostering transparency and trust.

  • Easy Picture Uploads: BuilderComs allows users to easily upload pictures and video to each project in real time, ensuring that expectations are clearly set and maintained.

Establishing Effective Communication Strategies

Ron Nussbaum emphasizes that the key to successful communication in construction lies in setting appropriate expectations from the very beginning. By clearly defining communication channels, response times, and roles and responsibilities, construction businesses can avoid the common pitfalls that lead to communication breakdowns.

Actionable Tips for Construction Businesses

  1. Choose a Single Communication Channel: Decide on a primary communication method, whether it's email, text messaging, or a dedicated platform like BuilderComs, and ensure that all parties adhere to it.

  2. Set Clear Expectations: Establish and communicate the boundaries and timelines for responding to client inquiries, as well as the appropriate communication etiquette.

  3. Implement and Maintain Training: Provide ongoing training to both employees and clients to ensure that everyone understands and adheres to the established communication protocols.

By implementing these strategies, construction businesses can regain control over their communication processes, ultimately enhancing their reputation, client satisfaction, and overall project success.

Conclusion: Embracing the Communication Revolution

In an industry that has long accepted subpar communication as the norm, Ron Nussbaum and BuilderComs are leading the charge for a transformative change. By prioritizing effective communication, construction businesses can unlock new levels of efficiency, trust, and customer satisfaction – paving the way for a more successful and fulfilling construction journey.

Watch The Entire Interview Today!

Hacks & Secrets from Construction Pro Ron Nussbaum


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